11 Natural Ways To Help With Morning Sickness

11 Natural Ways To Help With Morning Sickness Pregnancy is an exciting time and unfortunately for some the euphoria of the happy news can be halted when morning sickness rears its ugly head! What is Morning Sickness? Morning sickness is unfortunately a very common pregnancy symptom and is also a very misleading name, as it can occur at any time of Continue reading »

5 Reasons When To Avoid A Massage

5 Reasons When to Avoid a Massage | Holistic Therapies with Paula Kemp | Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

5 Reasons When to Avoid a Massage It’s lovely to have a massage booked in the diary, but there are some exceptions when a massage isn’t always the best thing for you. When you are ill Whether it’s a virus or bacterial infection, massage, when you are ill, will generall​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​y make you feel worse as Continue reading »

Why I joined Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics

neal's yard remedies | paula kemp therapies | walton on thames

Why I joined Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics I have always wanted to be able to offer my client’s good quality products, but it had fit in with my ethos of being cruelty-free, organic, ethically produced, natural and plant based and not filled with c**p that we do not need to be absorbed into our bodies. Continue reading »

What is Pelvic Girdle Pain?

What is pelvic girdle pain?

What is Pelvic Girdle Pain? Pelvic girdle pain (PGP), which used to be known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). PGP/SPD is a debilitating condition during pregnancy that causes pain, discomfort and mobility problems. The Symphysis Pubis is the fibro-cartilaginous joint between the 2 pelvic bones at the front, but PGP can also be caused by instability with the sacroiliac joints at the Continue reading »

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