Do I need to drink water after a massage?

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The amount of water we should drink is a very controversial subject.  There are conflicting ideas on how much, when and what we should drink!

We all know that we should keep our bodies hydrated as we are made up of 70% water, but what is the correct amount and does it have to be plain water or can tea, coffee and juice be included?

I have to admit I am quite naughty in the whole drinking water aspect, I only drink it when I am thirsty or exercising, and prefer to have a nice cuppa instead, especially in the cold weather.

Should I drink more water after a massage?

During all my Massage and Reflexology training, it was instilled into us that we need to encourage the client to drink more after a treatment, as it’s help detoxify the body and flush out toxins that have been moved about during the massage.

As I didn’t know better I just followed this to the letter, but I now have found out that this isn’t exactly true, a great article written by a Science Journalist answer’s my question in an easy to understand way using science, humor and a little sarcasm.

I still give all client’s a glass of water after a treatment as water is extremely necessary for us and many clients get a dry mouth after a massage, but I now know it’s not because massage has moved toxins in the body and need’s to be flushed out.

So as long as you stay hydrated and the best way to check for hydration is that your urine is clear coloured, you do not need any more just because you have had a massage.

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2 thoughts on “Do I need to drink water after a massage?”

  1. Hi Paula, you know I find it neat you do this. I’ve had a few massages but I’ve never been offered anytime of refreshment and I’ll be honest I also think ti’s great from a customer services perspective. So in the end your helping your customer and helping your business.

    1. Hi Brian, many thanks for your comment. It is a shame that you have never received refreshments after a massage, as it also helps you to wake up properly, if you are like me, I feel like a space cadet when I’ve had a massage!. That is sometimes the problem with some of the chain/hotel massage places, as they do not give long time between clients. Many thanks for stopping by.

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