Aromatherapy / Swedish Massage

I am trying for a baby, is it ok to have a massage?

Yes, that is absolutely fine, as trying to conceive can be a stressful and anxious time, so the massage can help you relax and help with conception.

Just let me know at the beginning of the massage so that I can make sure the Aromatherapy essential oils are safe if you’re early stages of pregnancy.

I also provide Fertility Massage and Fertility Reflexology which focuses on the abdomen and lower back area.  This wonderful therapy helps to relax and release tension and emotions trapped within.

I don’t like my feet/abdomen massage, can you miss from my massage?

Yes, that is not a problem, just let me know at the beginning of the massage and I can do extra work on the area of your choice.

What do you massage in a full body massage?

During a full body massage your back, legs, feet, abdomen, arms and upper chest and neck are massaged.

In the “Ultimate Bliss” the face and scalp are added to massage routine.


What do sensitivities indicate?

Sensitivities indicate congestion/energy blockage.  The more sensitive the area is the more congested it is likely to be.  Sensitivities and reactions will vary from person to person.

Does Reflexology Hurt?

No, Reflexology should not hurt, but some areas on the foot may feel tender or different.  But if you do experience anything too sensitive, please let me know and I can adjust my pressure accordingly.

Maternity Reflexology

Is Maternity Reflexology Safe?

There is a lot of uncertainty about having Reflexology during pregnancy, fear that it may cause a miscarriage.  There is no evidence to suggest that Maternity Reflexology can cause a miscarriage. Mother Nature is irrepressible in her campaign to aid reproduction and a viable foetus is extremely difficult to dislodge.

The only situation where Maternity Reflexology is contra-indicated is if the client has DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), or if your caregiver (Dr/Midwife) has advised that you do not receive Maternity Reflexology on medical grounds.

Can Maternity Reflexology help “Induce” me?

I am asked this question quite a lot, and ultimately it’s the babies decision when to arrive, but I can help prime your body by stimulating certain points to encourage labour.

This can only be done once you have reached your due date or are overdue.  It is very unlikely that labour would start immediately, but I have had a client’ that went into labour 11 hours after the Maternity Reflexology treatment.

Click for more information about Maternity Reflexology.

General Questions

Are you mobile?

Unfortunately, I do not offer a mobile service.  I only work from my home therapy room, which is based in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

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