Fertility Massage Training

Fertility Massage Training

fertility massage trainingI am very excited to let you know that I am currently training in Fertility Massage Therapy with the lovely Clare Blake at Fertility Massage Therapy ™.

Fertility massage has huge benefits to those looking to start a family whether you just want pre-conceptual care or have a condition that can have an impact on your fertility such as P.C.O.S., Endometriosis or Fibroids etc.

This is also great for sufferers of digestive disorders such as I.B.S., constipation, Crohn’s disease etc.

The main focus of the massage is the torso.  On the back the sacral, gluteal and lumbar areas are massaged and from the pubic bone to rib area on the abdomen area.

I will be needing some lovely bodies for case studies once I have finished the training, so if you are interested in being a case study for me please send me an email at info@paulakemptherapies.co.uk.

*UPDATE*  Thank you for all your interest in being my case studies, but I now have my full quota.  I will let you know when this therapy will be available to you.

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