Getting Naked…

Getting Naked.... What to wear during a Massage!One of the questions I get asked is how much clothing needs to be removed for a massage?.

My answer is the same to everyone, remove what you feel comfortable with.  Some people are comfortable with removing all garments, and being completely nude under the sheet/towel, whereas other’s like to keep both bra and knickers on.

Whatever level you decide you are comfortable with is fine with me, my training is such that if you decide to go commando I will never know, as only the area that I am working on will be uncovered, and nothing will be exposed that shouldn’t be!.

I will also leave the room whilst you undress and cover yourself with the sheets/towel.

My only request if possible is that if you do decide to wear undergarments, it would be great if you could wear tight fitting thong/knickers (NOT your Sunday best, as they might get oil on them through the towel/sheet!), especially for those that have issues with the lower back, so that I can get to the area easily without having to wrestle with your Bridgette Jones’ or over bump knickers 🙂 .

My primary concern is your comfort, and if you are not happy that you are more undressed than you feel comfortable with, you won’t enjoy the massage, and that would be a waste of money for you.

If in any doubt, please ask when you next get a massage.

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Image: Shutterstock – Africa Studio

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