Lumps, Bumps and Strange Moles

I was talking to my client the other day who is a Nurse that works in a Doctors practice.

She was telling me a story about her patient that had attended for another reason, but she noticed that he had a strange mole on his nose, so she enquired about it, and he said that he’d had it for a few months and was ok and it was not bothering him.

She asked him to see his Doctor as she was worried about it,  he promised that he would and luckily he did as it turned out to be cancer, which was easily treated and he is now ok.

But this conversation got me thinking that I am in a unique position, in that I get to see and massage part’s of your body that you don’t or can’t get to see easily, like your back and backs of your legs.

Whilst most of  the lumps and bumps are overused muscles and trigger points that need to be worked on.  Very occasionally a few are not, so please do not be alarmed if I point something out that I have not felt before (luckily I have only had that situation happen once in the time I have been practicing!) and feel that you need to see your GP about, as I would be failing in my duty not alert you to what would most probably be nothing to worry about, and most probably a Lipoma, Cyst or swollen lymph nodes.

If you have any area that you are concerned with, either a lump that you haven’t felt before or a change in a mole please go and check with your Doctor as soon as possible to put your mind at rest that everything is alright.

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