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A Guide to Postpartum Massage

The postnatal massage concentrates on relaxing muscles affected by pregnancy. Your body should be regenerating naturally, so it can relax and restore the shape of your physique. Postnatal massage offers you an excellent method that relaxes you after a busy pregnancy.

Postpartum Massage Can Help With Recovery After Birth

A postnatal massage is usually a full body massage (incorporating the abdomen) performed up to 12 weeks following your babies arrival. Postpartum Massage contains most often the same elements as regular massage, and it’s just making sure you are comfortable – which is where my lovely BodyCushion comes in.

The postnatal stage is after a woman has given birth. It’s a necessary time because it’s when a mother begins to feel more like herself again, but it’s also an adjustment from being pregnant and giving birth.

The postpartum period is a time of significant adjustment for both you and your new baby. Massage therapy can help ease the physical soreness that comes with this transition, as well as offer you emotional support during one of your life’s most stressful moments.

The birth of your newborn will be an exciting event in every sense! It’ll take some getting used to physically handling all those changes to emotionally adjusting to a whole new role. Still, there are many ways you can get through these trying times, such as massage therapy sessions that have been shown to ease pain from childbirth and provide much-needed comfort.

So don’t forget about them when looking into what options might work best for yourself or someone close who needs assistance on their journey towards parenthood.


What is Postnatal Massage?

A postnatal massage is essentially a full body massage after birth. In some traditions, women are given 40 days of confinement following birth to enjoy traditional customs and remedies. The mother then has a bath in herbs and oils for good health before getting an extensive massage from her loved ones.

Massages are a great way to relax and release endorphins. Postnatal massages can help those sore muscles in your body after childbirth, which is especially helpful when you’re still recovering from the physical strain of delivery!

When to Start Postnatal Massages

It is best for new mothers to wait at least two weeks before having a massage, as this will give the scar enough time to heal and provide an enjoyable experience when seeking professional care.

If you gave birth without problems, you could have a session with me when your schedule allows. You won’t have any worries about opening up wounds that happened during natural childbirth. If you had a cesarean delivery, it is better to wait before doing anything that might damage sensitive skin because the body has not yet wholly recovered.

Benefits of a Massage After Delivery

  • Improves range of motion in postpartum women – New mothers lose flexibility because their bodies are stretched out from giving birth. A postnatal massage is perfect for helping to regain flexibility in their muscles and joints.

  • Improves energy levels – It will also improve her energy levels by decreasing stress, boosting endorphin levels, and enhancing maternal feelings. Touch is known to release oxytocin, the hormone that triggers bonding between mother and baby. A postnatal massage will help to relax and uplift her mood.

  • Builds stamina – The massage will also help boost the mother’s vitality by increasing circulation and energy levels to increase the oxygen flow in the body. Increased endurance is essential after delivery when a woman needs all the energy she can get.

  • Improves blood supply – A postnatal massage will increase blood circulation and thus the delivery of nutrients to the body.

  • Reduces postpartum depression – New mothers are at risk of postpartum depression, and an effective way to maintain their mental health is with a massage. A healing touch releases chemicals in the body that make us feel good – endorphins and oxytocin – which help women cope with their emotions after giving birth.

  • Helps to decrease high blood pressure – Mothers with high blood pressure need to start exercising after delivery, which can be challenging because they may still be tired and sore. However, a postnatal massage is a simple exercise that promotes blood flow while easing stress, so it’s just what she needs!

  • Reduces postpartum pain in your pelvis, back, and abdomen – A postnatal massage gives a new mother pain relief by increasing blood flow to inflamed tissues and draining fluid that may have accumulated in the soft tissues of the body.

  • Encourages better milk production and flow – Breastfeeding is hard, especially if mothers have a lot on their plate. It can be even more challenging to release the milk that has been needed when one experiences stress and anxiety – but it’s not impossible!

  • Decreases postnatal swelling – Pregnancy is when many women have extreme swelling in their legs, ankles and feet, which can be due to the significant increase of fluid or fluids present during pregnancy. Still, it doesn’t go away after giving birth like mothers would hope for!

  • Increases sleep quality in postnatal mums – Postnatal Massage works with substances like serotonin which release during the sleep cycle in the brain. Massage can help you feel relaxed but also help calm you down.

  • Provides postnatal mums with an opportunity to relax and be nurtured after birth – Postnatal massage is ideal for any new parent who needs stress relief.

What Precautions Should Be Taken if You Have Had a Cesarean Delivery?

A postpartum massage can be very beneficial for relieving the tension and aches that come with a c-section. However, it is crucial to ensure you have at least two weeks of healing time before beginning any massage on your stomach. You want to make sure it has fully closed up before massaging it because that could introduce bacteria to the incision site.

When Should You Avoid Post Delivery Massage?

You should not begin a postnatal massage if you still have stitches in your abdomen or incisions from a cesarean section. It is essential to give yourself at least two weeks of healing time before beginning any massage here, and instead, you can start with gentle back massages that can help relieve stress on the body after birth.

Target Areas

Most clients that I see postnatally have a range of areas that need a bit of TLC, so make sure you tell me of your massage therapist which areas of your body are hurting!

There are many benefits to postnatal massage, and it’s a great way to relieve some stress and help you feel more like yourself again after giving birth. Give me a call to find out how I can help you recover postnatally.

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