Postnatal Massage Surrey

The Postnatal Period

The birth of your baby will bring much joy and great happiness. Both physically and emotionally the postpartum is a time of great change. Postnatal massage is a good way to take care of yourself following the birth and during the first year (You are welcome to bring your baby whilst having your postnatal massage).

After having a baby, a mother’s life and her body are changed forever. Massage can support these changes and help lay the foundations for long-term emotional and physical health for both mother and baby.

When to start postnatal massage

For mother’s that delivered naturally or without complications then you can have a massage whenever you are comfortable and ready. For those that had Caesarian delivery, it is best to wait at least 2 weeks just so that the scar can heal.

Benefits of Postnatal massage:-

Provides deep relaxation – This is extremely important when you are exhausted due to broken sleep from night feeds and gives you time to care for yourself boosting energy levels and reducing feelings of anxiety and stress.

Helps promote postnatal recovery – Helping to restore you to a pre-pregnancy state. Your body may feel alien to you following the birth, so massage can help you re-adjust and return to your non-pregnant state, also reducing your uterus to the normal size.

Postnatal depression – May help prevent and provide support in cases of postnatal depression.

Eases aches and pains – Helps to ease back pain and neck pain from carrying the baby and breast or bottle feeding.

Circulation – Helps to eliminate excess body fluids and reduces fluid retention.

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