Pregnancy Massage | Holistic Therapies with Paula Kemp | Walton-on-Thames, SurreyPregnancy is a miraculous time, full of excitement about the life that is growing inside of you, but it also brings lots of changes both hormonally and physically.

So that is why I feel deeply privileged to be able to work with you during your pregnancy, as studies show that massage and Reflexology has such a profound effect, both mentally and physically (1).

These treatments naturally helps to reduce pain without the need for medication when you are suffering with issues such as pelvic girdle pain or sciatica etc.

I see a lot of my Mum’s to be in the last few weeks of their third trimester, which then wish they saw me earlier! Check out what my clients are saying here.

So my advice is take advantage of your pregnancy, and have treatments to keep you feeling great and treat any niggles that may arise throughout your second and third trimesters, so you can remain fit and active until baby arrives.


(1) Pregnancy and Labour massage – Tiffany Field

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