The Beast Within!

Have you ever had that situation when you are nicely relaxing during your massage, the background music reaches the end of the song and then suddenly out of nowhere your stomach makes a growling sound, like you have a beast hidden in there!

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Well, I can assure you that having a grumbling stomach is totally normal – honest!

I have many clients that get very embarrassed and apologise for the noises that their stomachs make during a massage.

This is most noticeable when my clients are lying on their backs, and especially after I have massaged the abdomen to move everything about.

As I said this is totally normal and is caused by your body moving (peristalsis) fluid and gases through your intestines as part of your digestion.  The technical term for the noise is Borborygmus.

But don’t worry the noise is not just confined to your stomachs, usually mine starts chirping up when your’s starts growling.

I had to laugh recently when a client asked if there was Whales in the music I was playing and I had to confess it was my tummy adding the extra music.

So never apologise for those noises that you stomach’s make as I take it as a compliment that you are relaxing and that your digestive system is being able to work as it should!

If you do want to tame the Beast just follow some of these suggestions:

  • Avoid over eating, and eat smaller, regular meals to avoid an empty stomach
  • Chew food properly and avoid eating in a hurry and gulping in lots of air
  • Avoid drinking water, especially carbonated during meal times, as this increases the air in the stomach

Q: When has your Beast appeared at an inopportune time? – Leave your comments below

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2 thoughts on “The Beast Within!”

  1. Claire

    Yes, the dreaded stomach rumble. All my clients cringe when they hear it but like you I love it! To me it signals relaxation!

    1. Hi Claire, Yes client’s really find it embarrassing when the tummy gurgles, hopefully when people find out that it’s natural, the cringe factor will disappear!

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