What to expect in a 45 minute massage…

What to expect in a 45 minute massageFor those wondering whether to book a 45, 60 or 90-minute massage, during this series of blog posts I want to explain what you get with each time difference so that you can decide which length is best for you…

So what to expect is a 45 minutes massage… 45 minutes is the shortest time that I do, as I feel anything less and you and your muscles are not getting the full benefit of the massage.

Upper Body

Most clients I see are looking for massage work around the upper back, shoulder and neck area, as this is the usual place that builds up muscle tension, due to working long hours at a desk, carrying heavy bags or even picking up and carrying the children.

So if someone is looking to concentrate on the upper body, I will work the whole of the back and neck, depending on how the muscles are in the back and shoulders, and how well they relax I will then get them to turn over, so that I can work into the upper chest and neck area.

Lower Body

If someone has been having a problem with their legs, either through working out (squats, lunges etc.) or may be either a regular runner or just started a running regime.

I can focus the time on the leg areas, as the quads and hamstrings are big muscles that get to do a lot of work, so it’s nice to be able to take time and get them to relax.

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