Children to Children Peer Massage – Is it wrong?

Peer massage | School MassageI read with interest an article last week on the Mail Online (full article here) about children to children Peer Massage and how School Head Mrs Chris Hobson from Sheffield’s Hartley Brook Primary School has introduced a 10 minute massage session to help calm pupils after lunch breaks.

This has come under criticism from some of the parents of the school who have withdrawn their children from the programme who feel that it is “inappropriate”.

One parent Rachael Beer states that “I just feel it’s inappropriate for children touching each other. I do understand that children need calming down after lunch.  I just think there are better relaxation techniques out there that can help with that, such as yoga, that has the same benefits as peer massage that don’t involve them touching each other”.

Now I am not a parent, but I do not see the problem with “Child2Child Peer Massage”, as I know what the benefits of regular massage are, such as stress relief, relaxation etc, the things that would help these pupils. As long as this is done in a professional and safe manner, then I see it as a win, win situation, the children get a lovely massage and help to calm them down, and the teachers get kids that are calm and more focused on their work, and by all accounts more productive after the 5/10 minute massage.

For more information about the Massage in School Programme

Another great article on what Child2Child Peer Massage in Schools is, how it works and the benefits visit:

Q: What are your views? do you think the School Head is right or the Parents?

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