Massage F.A.Q’s

Massage frequently asked questions

Massage Frequently Asked Questions:

I want you to get the most out of your massage with me, so here is a list of some of the questions I get frequently asked:-

  • Underwear – It is completely up to you how much you undress, it is to your comfort level, some clients leave their underwear on, and some take it all off, it doesn’t matter to me as you will be covered in towels and only the area that I am working on at that particular moment will be uncovered and draped in a way to cover your modesty at all times.
  • Music – I play relaxing music during my therapy sessions, but if you do not like it or would prefer to bring your own music that is both fine, although I would suggest you refrain from bringing any heavy metal music 🙂
  • Pressure – As we all like different kinds of pressure, I will use my normal pressure during the massage, but if you find it’s too much or not enough, please let me know and I will adjust accordingly.
  • Temperature – There is nothing worse than having a massage and being cold! Our body temperatures drop when we relax so I have a heated blanket on my couch, so if at any time you feel cold or too warm please let me know and I will adjust accordingly.
  • What if I fall asleep? – I have many clients that fall asleep, snore and on occasion’s dribble when they have a massage, these are all great signs to me that you have relaxed during the massage, so never feel embarrassed if any of these happen to you.
  • What area’s do you massage during a full body? – I massage the back, back of legs, front of legs, feet, abdomen, arms and top of chest and neck.  If there is any area that you do not want to be massaged, then please let me know at the beginning of the massage and I can work on the area of your choice for longer.
  • Is it ok to talk during my massage?– Of course, this is your time so if you want to talk that is fine with me.  The important thing to remember is this your time to relax and enjoy the experience.  A lot of my clients start off talking and then drift off into a state of relaxation and become quiet. Also, if there is anything that you would like to bring to my attention i.e. too hot/cold etc then please do so.
  • How often should I have a massage? – This varies from client to client and depends on the reason for receiving the massage.  For general relaxation / stress reduction anything from once a week to once a month (depending on financial and time constraints).  For a specific problem, we will discuss during your consultation, but it may be necessary to have weekly massages to start with in the acute stage and re-assess.
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2 thoughts on “Massage F.A.Q’s”

  1. Claire

    Good idea to address these concerns Paula. I have heard lots of my clients saying they’re not comfortable in going for a massage. I’m pretty sure these FAQ’s will overcome any fears.


    1. Yes it’s amazing how many people are worried about having a massage, so hopefully as you say it will overcome their fears. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are well.

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